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If you're considering doing business in the Gallatin Valley, you've made the right choice. Resources for business include a young, professional workforce, access to major markets quickly through air service at Gallatin Field and cyber links through excellent broadband Internet services. Your employees will have greater rewards because of our area's excellent recreational opportunities, a nationally-recognized public school system and cultural amenities that exceed cities twice our size.

As an advocate for business in our community, the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce feels strongly about encouraging new business to the valley. Therefore, the Chamber plays an active role in helping new business owners, or to-be business owners gain the information they need to start a business that will thrive no matter what economic times they're going through.

If you are new to owning or just starting a new business you would do well to consider consulting with SCORE, a FREE business mentoring service of Bozeman and Gallatin County.

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