Looking Ahead to Leadership Bozeman 36

Jul 12, 2023
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In 1987, the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce set out to develop a program for business professionals to become more active leaders in the Bozeman community. Today, that program is known as Leadership Bozeman (LB) and has been successfully shaping community leaders since its creation.

Leadership Bozeman is a 10-month program that meets on the third Wednesday of every month and provides both a broad and intensive look into the Bozeman community, including an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Bozeman.

The general purpose of Leadership Bozeman is to develop informed, vigorous, skilled, and effective leaders who are comfortable getting involved in all facets of the community. This year will be the 36th consecutive year of Leadership Bozeman, and we are looking forward to hosting another group of talented, driven participants.

LB36 will aim to educate participants about the needs and problems facing the community, attract and motivate participants to assume more pertinent leadership roles in the community, and improve the communication between present and future community leaders.

To achieve these goals, LB36 will be comprised of presentations of facts and issues, tours, networking, question and answer sessions with current community leaders, and hands-on experience. Through this, participants will leave with a well-rounded understanding of Bozeman and the ways in which they can work to improve it.

The opening session will take place on August 16, 2023, to kick off LB36. The program will finish in May of 2024 with graduation and a closing retreat.

The application deadline for LB36 was June 30, 2023. As one of the most rapidly growing cities in the state of Montana, it’s important for Bozeman to continue looking ahead and bettering the wonderful place we live in. Thus, we’re looking forward to welcoming the class of Leadership Bozeman 36 and assisting them in becoming capable, bright leaders in the Bozeman community.

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